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Rathdown School


We pride ourselves in helping students to achieve their very best, irrespective of their academic ability.

We believe that teaching and learning should be both challenging and enjoyable for students of all abilities and we aim for the highest possible standards.

The measure of an excellent school is the progress its students make, regardless of what their starting point is, and our unique strength is the capacity to draw out the very best from each student according to her ability. Our aim is that every student should experience the rewards and challenges of academic study and be able to discover particular areas of learning in which they can excel. Rathdown School teachers engender both a love for their subject and of learning for its own sake. Consistently ranked among the top schools in Ireland, we provide an outstanding academic programme.


With the exception of Transition Year, our subject curriculum is set by the Department of Education and Science.

All students prepare for the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate State Examinations. We recognise the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum that provides the right academic foundations while encouraging intellectual curiosity and independent thinking. Both academic achievement and diligence are rewarded.

Academic life at Rathdown spans six years and is marked by two State Examinations

  • The Junior Cycle in 3rd Year
  • The Leaving Certificate in 6th Year.

Students have the opportunity to pursue a range of subject areas depending on their interests and abilities. We offer a wide range of academic subjects, with a particular emphasis on mathematics, sciences and languages.

Please refer to the subject choice section of our website for a full list of available subjects:

There is a high uptake of STEM subjects, demonstrating our success and offering students the widest possible academic and career opportunities.