We are passionate about the all-round development of our girls here at Rathdown Junior School.

We take our duty of care very seriously and are ever mindful of the fact that the future of the girls entrusted to us is in our hands.

Rathdown Junior School follows the National Primary School Curriculum as laid out by the Department of Education and Science. For more information please contact the Junior School on +353 (0)1 2853133.

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 It is our aim that girls at Rathdown Junior School develop the skills that enable them to become lifelong learners. To do this, we must be sure to develop the whole child and encourage the confidence and self-belief that will lead to the success we wish for all our girls in every aspect of their lives. Our committed teachers build close supportive relationships with the girls. The bond of trust between staff and students is more than evident and allows students' journeys through our school to be rich and rewarding.
The classes are small, the maximum class size is 24.

Depending on numbers the P5 and/ or P6 class can be split, which means that your daughter will receive individual attention in relation to her academic, social and creative development. The best of traditional methods are employed in teaching literacy and numeracy skills, coupled with more innovative and modern methods.

As your daughter moves up the school she will increasingly be taught by subject specialists, particularly for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Music, French and Sports. This specialisation develops a deeper understanding of a subject and prepares her for the Senior School system. Our Junior School girls are automatically guaranteed a place in Rathdown Senior School.