Frequently Asked Questions

On this page are some of the questions that we get asked most frequently.

If you have more questions please don't hesitate to email the Registrar or call +353 (0)1 285 3133 or fill out our Enquiry formWe will do our best to answer them all for you.

Q: How has Rathdown School managed the Covid restrictions?

A: Rathdown has managed the unpredicted times during Covid 19 with continuous open and honest communication between the Parents, Children and the School.  We managed online tuition for our students ensuring they had continuous learning utilising various online tools.  We assured students and parents that the School was also readily available should they require additional assistance.

We have now fully returned to School and have implemented the recommend HSE measures around required PPE, the availability our onsite nurse and dedicated Covid Room should it be required.

The girls have quickly and seamlessly fallen back into their daily School routines whilst having the assurances that the School is continuously working behind the scenes to ensure the highest levels of Health & Safety. 

Q: When can we come and have a tour of the school?

A: Although we would ordinarily like to invite you to visit us either on an Open Day, Taster Day or Private Visit unfortunately due to the current Covid restrictions we are unable to offer this facility.  As an alternative we hope you will find the virtual tour of interest.

Q: Can we pay the fees in instalments?

A: Yes, you may pay the fees bill over a series of 10 Instalments through a variable Direct Debit Mandate.

The Direct Debit method of payment is FREE OF CHARGE. We will also collect “extras” in an additional monthly debit following the month of billing.

Alternatively, you can opt to pay by half-yearly instalments. While the full year fee will be billed in July for the following academic year, you may pay in one instalment before the 10th August, or in two instalments due on the 10th August and 1st February.

Boarders "Extras", Junior Prep, and Extended Day charges will be billed on a monthly basis, and an invoice will be issued to those accounts which have incurred charges.

Q: How early do I need to register my daughter and are there waiting lists?

A: Offers for the Junior School are made one year prior to entry for KG2 (Junior Infants class). Offers for Senior School are made in the November prior to entry into First Year. Girls who attend Rathdown Junior School are guaranteed a place in the Senior School. Entry into all other years is considered on a case by case basis depending on availability of places.

Q: Is there an entrance exam?

A: No, Rathdown School is a non-selective school. If your daughter is interested in sitting the Scholarship exam for incoming 1st Year students more information is available here.

Q: How many students are there in the school?

  • There are currently just over 300 girls in the Senior School.
  • There are just under 150 girls in the Junior School.

Q: How big are the classes?

A: Class sizes vary from year to year.

  • In the Junior School, the maximum class size is 24. Depending on numbers the P5 and/ or P6 class can be split.
  • In the Senior School, the class sizes vary depending on the subject choices with a maximum of 24 in core subjects in the Junior Cycle and reducing to less than 10 in many Senior Cycle subjects.

Q: Which are your feeder schools?

A: We welcome day girls from a wide radius of Rathdown School.

With our boarding offering, we attract girls from all four corners of Ireland and from much further afield. We do not give priority to girls from any particular school. Each girl is admitted on her own merit irrespective of school or background. Girls who attend our Junior School are guaranteed a place in our Senior School.

Q: How do I apply for a place for my daughter?

A: If you make that all-important decision to join us, we ask you to start the application process by completing the appropriate Application Form, sending the registration fee of €65 by cheque or bank transfer or Online Payment. Don't hesitate to email the Registrar or call +353 (0)1 285 3133 and we'll do everything we can to help. Full details of our Application Process are available on Join Our Junior School or Join Our Senior School. 

Q: When should I register my Daughter?

A: We recommend you register your Declaration of Interest for your daughter as early as possible. We accept Declarations of Interest at any time throughout the year.

Q: Do you have Open Days?

A: Although we would ordinarily like to invite you to visit us either on an Open Day, Taster Day or Private Visit unfortunately due to the current Covid restrictions we are unable to offer this facility.  As an alternative we hope you will find the Virtual Tour of interest. 

Q: Can my daughter apply for a Scholarship?

A: Scholarships are available to girls joining the Senior School (First Year). There are deadlines for applications; please refer to the Scholarship page for further information. In addition, to the academic scholarships available, Rathdown likes to encourage and recognise excellence in our students especially in the areas of sport, music and art. Rathdown has a fund to support those with exceptional talents and to help them fulfil their potential. Access to this fund is gained through discussion with the Senior School Principal. Please contact the Registrar or call +353 (0)1 285 3133 for more information.

Q: Can we apply for financial assistance?

A: Rathdown provides financial assistance with tuition fees in the form of bursaries to help parents cope with situations of financial difficulty. Application for bursary assistance should be made through the Senior School Principal and the application process is entirely confidential. Bursaries can apply to new or existing students.

Q: What are your School’s Term Dates?

A: The latest school term dates are available here for Junior School and here for the Senior School

Q: Where do I purchase the school uniform?

A: Our uniform supplier is Uniformity and parents are asked to contact the suppliers directly. For overseas boarders, orders can be placed directly through their website The School uniform lists are available to download here.