House System

Each girl is a member of a class and of a House.

Through the House system, there is frequent contact with older and younger girls and these links across the school years are an important part of our community.

The House system fosters a sense of belonging, creates opportunities for leadership and is part of our pastoral care structure. It is also the source of fierce competition on the sports field and elsewhere, where girls can win points for their House.

Girls are divided into four Houses:

  • Aran

  • Dalkey
  • Lambay
  • Rathlin

Within each House, the girls learn to have respect and patience and to express their own ideas as they work together.

The younger girls benefit from their sisterly connection to those who are senior pupils, while the older girls are given leadership roles that help them develop a sense of responsibility toward the younger girls, which enhances their self-esteem.

The House system aims to stimulate collective working, develop social skills, create a sense of responsibility and respect and so create a bully-free environment in the school.