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Rathdown School


PTA Committee

At the start of each school year, an AGM is held and a PTA Committee is elected.  Your 2022/2023 PTA comprises the following enthusiastic team of parents.

Each elected member serves three years on the committee. Parents, whether on the committee or not, are encouraged to get involved. Comment and feedback is welcomed and can be fed to the committee via their Class Reps or via email 


PTA Committee 2022/23

Name - Executive Committee Role
Susan O'Hara Bennett (5th year)  Chair
Justine van Buttingha Wichers (5th year)  Deputy Chair
Bronagh Mallon (TY & 6th year) PTA Secretary / Boarders Representative
Ian Penhale (P1) Treasurer
School Representatives
Brian Moore Head of School
Dermot Dix Junior School Principal
Una McCallum (P2)  
Jonathan Bunce (P5)
Jodie Finnegan (KG2)
Rachel Gubbins (2nd year)
Jacinta Ryan (2nd year)
Miriam Cahill (5th year)
Ruth Hogan-Davis (P5)
Belinda Cunningham (1st & 3rd year)
Marissa Hickey (3rd year & P6)
Ray Liddy (4th year)