Pre-School Activities

Art & Craft

The students paint every day using the paint easel. This exercise helps them to develop their creative side and gives each child a love of painting. They also experiment with collage, pottery and pictures related to seasonal events and other themes.



The girls and boys are introduced to the French language and culture, including learning French songs and celebrating French Day.



Every week, the students take part in fun baking sessions, each with a different theme.



The girls and boys participate enthusiastically in games like Traffic Lights and Land and Sea, play with hula hoops, throw and catch balls and run in many kinds of running races.



Musical activities go on in the classroom every day. A specialist music teacher works with the children once a weekThe girls and boys love to sing songs, recite poems, move to music and use simple percussion instruments.



Each student works on their own computer with our specialist ICT teacher in the Computer Room once a week. They use the interactive board and two PCs in the classroom too.


Mind Lab

This is an exciting programme and Rathdown Junior School was the first school in Ireland to have it as part of the curriculum in every class. The Mind Lab educational curriculum puts the child at the centre of all learning activities and engages them where they are most receptive and enthusiastic, through games.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Ballet, Irish dancing and kinder music classes are available for the students.



The students attend and participate in our daily assembly in the Junior School Hall. They also attend visiting group presentations that come to the School.