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Rathdown School


Pre-School Activities


Art & Craft


The students paint every day using the paint easel. This exercise helps them to develop their creative side and gives each child a love of painting. They also experiment with collage, pottery and pictures related to seasonal events and other themes.


Languages & Culture

The Pre-School children learn about different languages and cultures throughout the school year.  They take part in Seachtain na Gaeilge, French Day and Chinese New Year celebrations amongst other things.  We especially like to embrace the diversity of the cultures present in our classrooms and encourage children and parents to teach us about their own cultures and languages.

Shared Reading

Each week one of the older classes visits the Pre-School and the older children "buddy up" 

with a younger child.  Together they choose a book which the older child will read to them.  This is a wonderful way to encourage the love of books whilst also being a very important social occasion.  Shared reading is a programme that continues throughout the school.  One day the current Pre-Schoolers will have their turn to read to the younger kids!


The Pre-School children have a PE class twice a week.  With plenty of open spaces and pitches, we have scope to touch on a variety of activities and sports.  The focus is on coordination, balance, ball skills, running, jumping and of course good sportsmanship!


Musical activities go on in the classroom every day. A specialist music teacher works with the children once a weekThe girls and boys love to sing songs, recite poems, move to music and use simple percussion instruments.


With an interactive whiteboard in each classroom, the children are introduced to technology in a controlled environment.  We have access to iPads and once a month we explore some of the Pre-School apps that are available.  We introduce children to the very basics of coding through fun games also.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Playball, Art, Forest School, Sports Tots & Ballet are all available as Optional Extras.


 The Pre-School children take part in assemblies as well as being included in all of the school events such as Sports Day, Grandparents Day, World Book Day, the Scholastic Book Fair, Maths Week etc.  Pre-School is the start of the Rathdown journey and it is of great importance therefore that the children are integrated into the whole school from Pre-School up.