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Rathdown School

Our School Day

Daily Timetable

Rathdown Senior School has a 42-period week for 1st – 4th Year and a 44-period week in 5th & 6th Year. Classes last 40 minutes each.

Each day starts at 8.40am with Assembly on Monday and Thursday, Form Time on Tuesday and Wednesday and classes on Friday.

The school day finishes at 4pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 3.35pm on Friday.

On Wednesday 1st – 4th Year finish class at 1.15pm and can avail of a vast array of extra-curricular activities from 2.00 – 3.30pm. 5th and 6th Year have two classes after lunch and finish at 3.20pm.

Supervised Study

Rathdown offers supervised study for all students from 4.15 pm – 10 pm, Monday to Thursday, creating an ideal environment for students to study without distraction.