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Rathdown School

TY Extra Activities

Musical production:

A triple period is set aside to prepare for the TY musical production which takes place in March

Above all, the comradery and support system among the students, established by the Transition Year musical is what has made the project a success, a credit to the school, and to the Transition Year system itself. The Transition Year Musical has been considered by many students to be one of the highlights of the year. It is a unique part of the year, as the students are not split into classes or groups, but rather all work on one project together.

'Grease' - March 2022 


Once it is finished, there will be a variety of other activities from which the students may choose.

Lecture period:

A triple period once a week is reserved for a variety of different special activities throughout the year.

It provides an opportunity for a variety of guest speakers to come and address the students and for various trips and workshops.

Research Project:

Each student will be required to choose a topic from one of their courses as the focus for a special research project during the year – this is separate to any projects that are required as part of a module.

Students will present these projects to their peers and teachers towards the end of the year and the best examples will be presented to the parent body at the TY Graduation.

Transition Year Portfolio:

Throughout the year, each student will build up a comprehensive portfolio reflecting the various activities, experiences and achievements of their year.

This will include certificates awarded, reports on all activities (trips, speakers, workshops etc.), examples of work and their own reflections on different aspects of the year. As well as being a valuable record for the student for the future, this portfolio will form a critical part of the end of year assessment for Transition Year. 

Careers and study skills:

Students learn important career skills, working with the School's Career Guidance Counsellor.

The world of work, the myriad of work sectors and job options, and skills such as the preparation of a Curriculum Vitae and job applications, are all part of the programme. There is the opportunity to review the various third-level institutions and courses, and to engage in some vocational testing to assess interests and aptitudes.

In addition, students will have some psychometric and aptitude testing to help them make their subject choices for the Leaving Certificate cycle. These choices will be made with the assistance of the Guidance Counsellor during individual meetings. This module also helps students prepare for, and review, their Transition Year Work Experience so that they can make a more considered choice of subjects for Fifth Year.

Work Experience:

Work Experience has long been seen as a crucial and integral part of every school’s Transition Year Programme.

All students will engage in three weeks of work experience, one week in December and a two-week period in February. They will be required to secure the placement themselves, keep a daily logbook, and write up a report on their placement for the Career Guidance Counsellor. Each employer will also be asked to write a report on each student’s placement.